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Friends of
Hauke Park

Advocating Community Interests

View from Enchanted Knolls
View from the Ridge
Girls Softball
Soccer kids
Looking across the fields towards PSB
Save Hauke Park - William Chui
Baby G enjoying a nice day at Hauke Park
Bayfront Meadows in bloom
Impression of Hauke Park from adjacent site
Evening skies from Hauke Park/PSB
Bubble Soccer Birthday Party
Welcome to Hauke Park


Friends of Hauke Park supports low-density affordable housing that preserves the recreational usage and safety of children at Hauke Park, and is planned and designed in collaboration with the neighborhood at every step.

Who is Friends of Hauke Park

  • FOHP is an unincorporated nonprofit association initially formed by neighbors in Enchanted Knolls and surrounding neighborhoods.  

  • FOHP was formed to safeguard the interests of the neighborhoods and surrounding recreational areas, in response to the City’s push to build a 4-story, 40+ unit big-box structure in a single family home neighborhood with poor walkability (See FAQ: Reference 1) and limited parking.

Our Goals

  • Our goals are to downsize the proposed project, reduce the height of the structure, and scale back the proposed number of units, preserving the low-density character of the neighborhood.

  • We are strongly advocating to preserve the popular Hauke Park recreational fields, Bayfront Meadows and community garden for the enjoyment of all.

  • The location presents major safety concerns for children crossing an already unsafe Hamilton Drive at Hauke Park. 

  • Developers have proposed using land from heavily used Hauke Park/ open space for the development’s parking lot.

  • We will hold the City accountable to their goal of ensuring new development is compatible with our small town character.

  • We ask for genuine input into the design so that future affordable and private housing developments are integrated into the neighborhood in a positive way. 

  • We are not trying to prevent affordable housing at the site. We support more equity, diversity and inclusion in Mill Valley. Creating affordable housing is an important goal for our City that requires well thought out planning.

  • The immediate neighborhoods around Hauke Park are already more diverse (See FAQ: Reference 2 ) than the rest of Mill Valley, and have welcomed its share of affordable housing.  We will continue to do so, but the density must be in keeping with the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Read more here.

About Hauke Park

Hauke Park's namesake, Jerry Hauke  (1935 – 2016), and his wife Mary came to Mill Valley from Wisconsin in 1957. In the 1970s he was the key player in turning a mudflat into one of the town’s most popular playgrounds. Some years later the Parks Department named the park - now our beloved Hauke Park - in Enchanted Knolls after him.  In 1986 he was designated “Citizen of the Year” by the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce. He had served on the City Council, the Parks and Recreation Department, the Flood Control District and the Sanitary District. He had also been a director of the Dipsea Race.

Today, neighbors in Mill Valley have joined together to preserve Hauke Park and its surrounding areas from high density development.  Friends of Hauke Park welcome all to enjoy Hauke Park and its surrounding open space.

Join Friends of Hauke Park

Get in touch with Friends of Hauke Park to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Hauke Park

Mill Valley, CA 94941

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