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Friends of Hauke Park

See what our elected officials are 

saying about the Affordable Housing mandate. 

We Agree - a minimum of 40 units is EXCESSIVE for the site adjacent to Hauke Park. 

- Quotes from MarinIJ, June 2021


Dick Spotswood: Certain Marin disputes are overdue for some mediation

excerpt from Marin IJ, Jan 16, 2022

• Mill Valley, like all Marin communities, struggles to build new housing to meet state mandates. The hot issue is proposed multiunit apartments on Hamilton Drive across from Hauke Park.

The city’s consultant recommends 40 units be built. The neighbors are outraged but, significantly, most of them will accept “some new housing.” When the question isn’t just yes or  no but how many units, their size and affordability, mediation is the obvious route to dispute resolution.


News & Events

Marin IJ ARTICLE 10/19/2021: Dick Spotswood "In the Big Apple, there are lessons for the Bay Area".

Mill Valley Housing Element Update 9/23/21 | 6.30-8pm | Zoom

NEW DATE! FRI 10/22/2021, 5PM


FOHP Meeting: Thu 8/5/2021, 6pm

FOHP June update

Marin IJ article (June 22, 2021) -  a  mischaracterization of FOHP's position

Mill Valley City Council Votes Yes to proceed with RFQ, despite overhwelming objection.

The City confirmed yesterday (6/17/2021) that the entire site at 1 Hamilton is under consideration for the proposed high density development, and that includes the Public Safety Buildings.

Not "just" the parking lots.

Mill Valley City Council Meeting 6/21/2021 @6.30pm.  Agenda & Zoom Registration

We've surpassed our initial goal of 500 signatures in just 3 days.  Thank you!  

Keep getting the message out to everyone and let the Mill Valley City Council know we support preserving open space at Hauke Park, and other city parks.