Traffic & Parking

Preserving a vibrant community’s high quality of life

The parking “plan” in the consultant’s report simply assumes that the parking requirements which exist throughout Mill Valley, of 2.0 spaces per unit (with an additional .25 space per unit for guest parking) would be waived in favor of a 25% reduction in required parking (to 1.5 spaces per unit) with no provisions for guests. 

This in a part of the City which is already inundated with parking problems due to the heavy utilization of the Hauke/Bayfront Park areas for athletes, bicyclists, joggers, families, birdwatchers and folks just looking for some blue sky. 

Increased traffic over the years has turned Kipling and Roque Moraes into alternate bypasses.  The surrounding roads are not equipped to handle additional traffic.

If you live in this neighborhood, or simply come to enjoy the recreational opportunities here, you will see immediately that the current traffic issues are not addressed in the consultant's report.  There are 600+ households in the immediate vicinity of Hauke Park, hundreds of recreational Park users during sports season, and scores of school children who criss-cross the Park area to get to school.  

Impacted neighborhoods are not just  limited to Enchanted Knolls, Eucalyptus Knolls, Shelter Ridge, Shelter Bay, and Sunrise Pointe.  All of Mill Valley will be impacted by traffic congestion!   

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